By "Alan M. Koral "

The Autobiography of
Gus "ONEBEAR" Batista

My friend, Gus Onebear Batista

     What can I tell you about my friend Gus? What do you want to know? I suppose the best thing would be to tell you about how Gus was raised, about the things he did, and what he learned that made him the man he is today. I’ll tell you something about Gus Onebear Batista, but I warn you, it will change you. I consider myself fortunate to know Gus as I do, and I feel I’m a better man for knowing him. This is my friend. This is the man. This, is Gus, known also as Onebear.

     The scars on his body tell many stories about his past, his struggles and sacrifices. His passion, theories and methods are viewed by some as foolish and surreal. His contemporaries often portray his techniques as unusual, but fearless. Behind his rough image there’s another side to Gus, a side that only the people that know him well get to see. Gus has a truly kind and humble nature. Gus was born in 1969 in South Florida. Gus remembers his childhood as a simpler time, a time of church, old western films, Tarzan episodes on television, and pony rides at the ranch on the weekends. Gus was a quiet kid growing up. He offered no clue to the outrageous life that would come later in his time. Since Gus was old enough to walk, the boy was like the calm before the storm. If all was too quiet, “beware,” that usually meant he was up to no good. Baby Gus would never sit still, and numerous times when his parents thought he was asleep in his crib he would find a way to escape, and venture outside. They often found Gus outside, chasing the ducks, chickens, and roosters, or up in the trees. Fences were no barrier to little Gus and he was beginning to show the fearlessness that he is known for now. His parents often spent hours looking for him, only to find him curled up asleep in the dog house next door. The neighbor’s notoriously vicious and unapproachable German Shepherd guard dog curled up next to him. Gus was fascinated with all animals, they were like a magnet to him, and he’d throw a fit if his parents wouldn’t let him get an up-close and personal look at the critters
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Good friend "Alan M. Koral " is the editor of the autobiography. A very well writen piece on the life of Gus "Onebear" Batista.  Lots of stories never told and never seen before photos.
2008: Human skull found in a swamp dive.
1971: Gus Sr and Jr
1975: Sister and Gus
1976: Gus and Sister
1982: Stepdad and Mother
1985: Gus out fishing.
1993: Jr with Gus Sr at the ranch.
1995: Transporting horses.
2004: Gus & John O'Hurley from Seinfeld.
2007: With Bear Grylls "Man vs. Wild"
2009: Camping trip.
2010: Alligator show at Holiday Park.
This Autobiography has past and curent events. From child hood memmories  and happenings to  adult expiriences.