If you find a snake and you have no idea whether or not it is venomous, the safest thing to do is leave it alone. Florida snakes are not aggressive, unless they are cornered, most will flee when humans approach. Occasionally, you might encounter one that is reluctant to leave because it is basking in the sun to get warm. Among snakebite victims, an unacceptably high number are bitten on the hands and arms when they are handling the snake. When people encounters snake and starts to antagonize it just to  find them selves in close range with an angry snake trying to defend it self by striking repetitiously. Then they call the snake aggressive, and dangerous.

Snakes defend themselves mostly by fleeing, but they may bite if captured and harmed. However, biting is not a sign that they are dangerous, it is just the only way that most snakes have to defend themselves. Some snakes might also exude a smelly musk or defecate on the human or other animal that is threatening them.
All snakes should be respected and not destroyed for they play a vital role in our echo-system.