Gus "Onebear"
WARNING:  What you are about to read are true life occurrences. This is NOT an educational or training manual on the subject. We advise never to try these stunts due to the high risk and danger involved.
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    Fascination, imagination, fear, and nightmares played a significant role in Gus's life. As a child Alligators and Snakes entered into Gus's imagination by watching television,and books, then visited in his subconscious mind, almost every dream was the same haunting nightmare of being chased or attacked by these creatures. As he got older Gus would go duck hunting with his dad in the Everglades .His first encounter with an Alligator in real life was at age six when one morning hunting, the boat motor stalled, the boat was slowly drifting as his father continued to pull on the cord to start the motor. Gus remembers seeing this thing surfacing up with clumps of grass and mud, the sounds of boiling water as bubbles came to the top by the hundreds. It was a matter of a few seconds to fully view the reptile as the motor finally turned over and spooked the Alligator away. All Gus remembers that the gator was big, believed to be longer than the boat. 
In his teens, Gus enjoyed freshwater fishing. He fished many canals and lakes in South Florida, once in a  while using top water baits an alligator would come darting out of the vegetation and try to snatch the lure. Sometimes the alligator succeeds in catching the bait and gets hooked, leaving Gus no other choice but to reel it in close to shore and try to restrain the alligator behind the head to be able to take the hooks off. The accomplishment of release the alligator back into the water with out snapping the line always made Gus feel good. Knowing that the animal could go back in being an alligator with out a hook buried in its mouth or being tangled by the fishing line. Gus became very confedent in his techniques used to restain the alligators.

Not untill in his 20s, that Gus persiut a job working with alligators at the Everglades Alligator Farm. Instantly working with alligators became a passion for Gus, realizing that these were the very same animals that he once feared as a child.