Gus "Onebear"

animated blood
WARNING: Bloody graphics
Gus's first bite to the hand by a six foot Alligator.
First bite to the leg by a seven foot alligator.
Second bite to the leg by a nine foot alligator. The snake boot took the impact from the bottom jaws.
A little over a month after the bite.
Third bite to the leg.
First bite.
second bite.
Bite after the hospital.
Three days after the bite, back to the hospital due to a bad infection from the wrong antibiotics.
The flesh was rotting and needed to get the right anibiotics into the system.
The holes on the leg left to heal.
Cutting out the black rotting flesh..
Not for the faint of hearts.
Third bite.
Wacked by the gator's tail and a mouth full of the sharp spinny scales called scutes.
Even the little one's can deliver a nasty bite.
Bumps, scratches, and lots of bruises are collected from close contact with alligator's underwater.
Gator bite to the left hand.
A lot could happen in a blink of an eye when you are dealing with an alligator.Their incredible agility and massive strength could cripple a man instantly, and all it takes is one slight mistake and it could be your last. This is the reality of all that works with alligators. Sooner or later "reality take a bite" and leaves you with a painful horrific scar physically and mentally for the rest of your life. Then the test of will comes into play when fearful thoughts reminds you of the risks and the dangers convincing you to quit. But what happens when the passion is so strong that being amongst these fascinating reptiles becomes a part of you. "Is it worth the sacrifice?" .
"One Black Bear Attack" 1999.              Bites and deep claw marks recieved to the head, left/right shoulder and lower back.  2 broken toes, torn ligaments to the knee, pulled back,  many scratches and bruses. A  humbling and blessed day to be      able to walk away from the attack.
First and Second degree chemical burns to the back of the legs due to blown airboat motor and a cracked radiator.