IGFA 2002: This photo was taken at "International Game Fish Association" next to Bass Pro Shops in Dania, when a natural habitat was built at location, the Seminole Tribe donated a few Alligators for their exhibit. This photo was the arrival of the Alligators along with Jonathan "Cattail," Gus "Onebear" and crew bringing the large reptiles to their new home.
2010: Now almost a decade ago since their arrival, one Alligator remains, due to it's aggressiveness and massive size, the dominant Alligator had killed and eaten the other gators. To be able to restock the exhibit with more Alligators, the alfa male needed to be removed, if not he will destroy the smaller, younger gators. Gus "Onebear," Jonathan "Cattail" and the IGFA Crew joined to help in this difficult capture.
Quatering the pond in search for the Alligator.
The Alligator going into a death roll once caught with the lariat.