November 06 2010:  The making of Jonathan Shoemaker's music video.
 A chilly saturday morning, everyone is prepairing for the video shoot of (TAKE ME ON YOUR BUGGY) music video. Amazing friends, awesome riggs, great B.B.Q., pretty gals made this event into one heck of a party.
The big riggs  rolling in for the event.
The one buggy that almost  didn't make it to the video shoot.
Trekkin deep water to get to the location.
Deep trouble
At the location
Setting up for the shoot.
The first take of the video.
Second take.
The (Air Show) above us.
The BIG RIGGS in Action.
Back from location for good ole B.B.Q.
A couple of shots with Jonny Cobbler and Gus Onebear
Jonathan sporting the "SWAMPSEEKER" shirt and ready to do his third take.
Julian shots
Forth take