The Timber Rattlesnake snake has a very limited range in our state, found in only 8 or 9 counties in northern Florida. It ranges as far south as Volusia County and as far west as Hamilton and Suwannee Counties. There are also a few records from the panhandle. Outside of Florida, it ranges north to southern Maine and west to central Texas and southeastern Minnesota.

Habitat: Timber Rattlesnakes in Florida prefer low bottomlands where it is fairly damp, river beds, hardwood hammocks, pine flatwoods, swamps, and cane thickets.

The Timber Rattlesnake should be given a wide berth and left alone. Because of its cryptic coloration (camouflage), it can be easily overlooked, especially if it does not rattle.

This snake was once very common and still is in some parts of its range. Throughout the past it, as well as other rattlesnakes, has been persecuted by in Rattlesnake roundups, in senseless killings, and the sale of its skin to specialty leather shops. The Rattlesnakes and other snakes, are one of our best allies in the fight to control rodents. They should be respected, not feared.